In Exland Excavacions i Transports, S.L. we share the same goals with our clients.

Company values

The Exland Excavacions i Transports, S.L. strength is promoted in different values that define the ethical principles and shape an entrepreneurial and hard-working company.

EXLAND is moving towards sustainability with the installation of photovoltaic panels

EXLAND takes a step further in its commitment to sustainability by introducing a new consumption model that respects the environment. This project, financed by the Next Generation EU Funds within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, is part of our strategy to achieve 100% renewable energy consumption and production and of the initiatives focused on the transition towards more sustainable energies that contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.


Together we go further. Ours is a cooperative and common work, in which we join efforts and the skills of each member of the team to reach all the agreed targets and overall success.

Specialized professionals

The highly qualified and specialized teams in each of the business lines work effectively, with devotion and determination providing an in-depth and technical knowledge and professionalism.

Safety above all

Safety is a crucial and an essential element for us. Exland provides a comprehensive security in each of the works and processes the company carries out always with complicity between workers, technics and directors.

Strictly meeting deadlines

Our machinery park and professional team guarantee the fulfilment of the works execution delivery time, always maintaining high quality standards and the professionalism of our employees.

Committed to the well-done job

The ongoing improvement of our operative and productive processes is our main methodology, always improving the efficiency and efficacy of our projects in order to provide the best quality at the best price.

Committed to our job

A journey endorsed by our clients reliance and built with the aim of a thoroughness outstanding job.


More than 300 clients have trusted us.

We continue to make progress

Discover why they have chosen us and the reason they keep on working with us.