We are present in all sectors in which we can make a contribution.

We work for different sectors

Exland Excavacions i Transports, S.L, develops a key role in industrial areas providing specialized services, which require a wide and diverse vehicle fleet, machinery and a highly qualified technical team.

With the Exland machinery we help numerous companies from different sectors through the outsourcing of daily business services.


A great amount of machinery services are available to transport materials and perform underground mine works, environmental tasks and waste removal as well as maintenance of facilities, roads and drainages.


Agriculture properties upgrading works, grain shipments, farm equipment, forest tracks maintenance and forest cleaning.


Exland provides the proper and required machinery to face different industrial processes like raw material transport, facilities, roads and drainages maintenance, and environmental tasks, as well as waste removal and industrial waste management.


All kinds of projects in civil, public and private works like earth movements, aggregates services, manual and mechanical demolitions and deconstructions, waste recycling, services network, sewage, safe water, lighting, optical fibre, gas, etc., and other special services that could require the construction sector.


Any requirement associated with materials and machinery shipment like aggregates and concrete transport, machinery and equipment transport, construction materials transport, water trucks transport, construction and industrial waste transport, grain transport,…


Road infrastructures maintenance tasks like runways, tracks and roads maintenance, hydraulic works maintenance, environmental facilities maintenance and winter maintenance with the required machinery.

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We offer customized services to go further!

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With a technical team and a specialized machinery park, we are capable of meeting the requirements of your project.