Customized services

Together we embark on a better journey.

Total services

Integral works execution, urbanisation, demolitions, canalisations, industrial works, road maintenance, and others, thanks to the availability of our wide vehicle and machinery fleet and the technical knowledge of the Exland team.

Earth movement

We also work in the earth movement realisation to build residential and industrial buildings and public works. Excavations, land levelling, forecourts, paths and roads preparation, patches, and all kind of activities that alter the original state of the soil are included in our earth movement works. Our last generation and versatile machinery guarantees the highest performance and effectiveness.


Patches and canalisations of water, gas, lighting, telephone, sewage, etc. Exland counts on the proper machinery and infrastructure to perform all kind of canalisation works.

Aggregates services

Exland supplies aggregates like sands, mortar, vegetal soil, stone garden, breakwater blocks, etc., to the construction and gardening services. These aggregates can be served in small quantities using a one cubic meter Big-Bag or in larger amounts from 6 to 30 cubic meters using trucks.


Exland relies on a wide fleet of vehicles and the proper authorisations to provide any kind of transport, from machinery and special dimensions and weights elements to aggregates, waste, structures, prefabricated products, construction materials, etc.


Services of residential demolitions like isolated dwellings and terraced houses; industrial demolitions like industrial plants; and civil works demolitions like urban equipment, infrastructures, etc. using heavy machinery like shears, demolition clamps, and the proper hammers. Exland guarantees the rune management, its proper manipulation, transport and stool of all the authorised waste in the authorized dumps. Exland also makes the required insurances and permissions available to proceed with legal demolitions.

Waste recycling and reuse

Integral service of waste management coming from construction works, demolition works and excavations acting responsibly and efficiently with the environment. Exland takes care of the management of this waste, always following the legal regulation regarding its manipulation, removal, transport and the established dumping site.

Road maintenance and winter road maintenance

Exland carries out maintenance and conservation works on roads and infrastructures, using both human and technical resources and the proper machinery to guarantee the best service. The usual road maintenance is complemented with a professional winter road maintenance, operated by a specific fleet of vehicles, in which we can include snow ploughs and additional machinery. It ensures a prompt and an effective service in both preventive works and pavement cleaning during snowfalls and severe cold.


Exland provides urbanisation and public works services, endorsed by a technical teamwork and the appropriate machinery to execute all kind of projects, undertaking the planning, execution and completion of new urbanisations whether residential, industrial, sport centres, green zones, etc.

Services network

Exland works on the installation and tunnelling of networks supplies like water, electricity, telephony, urban gas and optical fibre. The particularity of these kinds of operations is that they require an accurate planning and the fitting technical infrastructure capable to provide an efficient and harmless service.

Industrial projects

Focused on the study, development and execution of maintenance jobs and industrial construction works like rehabilitations, new constructions, enlargements and reformations. These projects are possible thanks to a highly qualified team and technical machinery.


Exland counts on a highly qualified engineering team and a last generation equipment to perform both internal and external topographic services. We offer topographic survey services, parcels measurement, construction works technical team,…

Special construction projects

Each situation is a challenge for our company. In light of special and particular situations, special and particular solutions are needed. Exland is capable of studying and applying these solutions in both its machinery and different work processes.

Miscellaneous services

We are present in different fields and areas.

Diversity and adaptability

In Exland Excavacions i Transports, S.L. we help numerous companies from different sectors through the outsourcing of business services derived from its daily activity.